12 ggplot extensions for snazzier R graphics

ggplot2 is not only the R language’s most popular data visualization package, it is also an ecosystem. Numerous add-on packages give ggplot added power to do everything from more easily changing axis labels to auto-generating statistical information to customizing . . . almost anything.

Here are a dozen great ggplot2 extensions you should know.

Create your own geoms: ggpackets

Once you’ve added multiple layers and tweaks to a ggplot graph, how can you save that work so it's easy to re-use? One way is to convert your code into a function. Another is to turn it into an RStudio code snippet. But the ggpackets package has a ggplot-friendlier way: Create your own custom geom! It’s as painless as storing it in a variable using the ggpacket() function.

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