4 useful features you won’t be seeing in Python

Python has many great features—convenience, a wide range of powerful libraries, a helpful community of users—but a few elements are still missing. Some features found in other languages would make certain jobs easier, but they aren't coming to Python anytime soon.

Here are four commonly requested language features that are currently not in the cards for Python. At least two of them will never happen, while the others are, at best, years down the line. We'll look at what's blocking these features, or what it would take to include them in a future version of Python.

Nope: A statically typed, compiled version of Python

Some developers dream of a Python that uses static typing to compile to native machine code. Flexible typing is the source of much of Python's slowness, after all, and static typing would put an end to that. Static typing also gives programmers strong guarantees of what to expect from their code. So, what's the issue?

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