9 home office essentials for developers who WFH

The pandemic may or may not be over, but the home office is here to stay. Some workers might miss their morning commute and some bosses still believe in the power of having everyone under the same roof, but plenty of companies see the cost and productivity advantages of letting everyone work from home. You may not work remotely every day, but it still pays to take your home office setup seriously.

The ideal home office? It's your choice

When the pandemic first hit, many of us promptly commandeered the dining room table and made the best of it. With remote work shifting to be permanent option, at least for some, it makes sense to think about just how wonderful your home office could be. Good furniture is the most obvious—and ergonomic—place to start, but there's also an opportunity to rethink your home network, local servers, and storage and safety concerns.

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