Better Java: JDK Enhancement Proposals explained

Java is widely used and heavily relied on, to put it mildly. It is a major part of our software infrastructure. Despite having a weighty obligation to stability, the Java platform has managed to remain responsive to changing circumstances. The creativity of the people who use Java is part of the reason. Java features an official process for incorporating changes into the platform while achieving a high degree of stability. 

Let’s get an overview of how the Java platform is enhanced. We’ll also look at some of the most prominent new features on the horizon.

JCP: Java Community Process

Even a longtime Java developer may not have a good understanding of how the platform is developed and maintained. Before we jump into the upcoming big projects, let’s get a sense of how the Java process works. The main takeaway here is that it really is an open process. If you have a desire to contribute, it’s doable: Talk to a contributor, join a group, submit a proposal, fix a bug.

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