BrandPost: A Climbing Crane Helps Energy Harvesting Reach New Heights

If you’ve ever driven past a wind turbine farm in the distance, you know the sight of these giant pinwheels spinning in the wind is awe-inspiring. But if you’ve stood at the base of one of the taller turbines and looked up, you also know the scale is difficult to fathom. Perched on top of a wind turbine tower are multiple, gigantic components collectively weighing several hundred tons. Given their size and scale, it’s easy to imagine the challenges of assembling these huge structures. Inspired to address the risks, complexities, and costs of wind technology, Liftra is creating a climbing crane that can safely and efficiently build wind turbine towers from the ground up. The company, which designs, produces, and operates custom lifting and transport solutions for the global wind turbine industry, was able to break down design barriers thanks to simulation and cloud computing.

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