Build desktop and mobile UIs with Blazor Hybrid apps

Microsoft’s commitment to a cross-platform world is perhaps one of the biggest changes to its development platform during the past few years. Its purchase of Xamarin kickstarted a sea change that’s brought us to today’s Visual Studio–powered development environment that brings in GitHub at one end and the cross-platform .NET 6 at the other, with applications that run at scale in cloud Kubernetes systems and on mobile devices.

Recently I looked at the development of the successor to Xamarin’s cross-platform Forms UI tools: .NET’s Multiplatform App UI or MAUI. Related to that is another new Microsoft UI technology designed to bring those at-scale web applications into your devices and onto your desktop. Building on top of the flexible Blazor web UI framework, Blazor Hybrid mixes the two technologies to give you a way of building UIs that spans more than desktop and mobile, adding support for the web with natively rendered controls on all platforms.

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