C# 11 previews raw string literals, dumps parameter null checking

Microsoft’s planned C# 11 language upgrade is set to feature capabilities such as raw string literals and checked user-defined operators, along with better performance.

C# 11 is due to arrive as a production release with the .NET 7 software development platform in November. Runtime performance is improved in C# 11 by caching of static method groups, rather than creating fresh delegate instances. This will improve application performance particularly for ASP.NET. Developers get the benefit of this feature with no effort on their part.

Raw string literals in C# 11, which start and end with three double-quotes ("""), promise to make it easier to work with literals that contain characters that would otherwise need to be escaped. Raw string literals have no escaping, so all characters are considered content and included in the string. The sequence \t is output as a backslash and the character t, not as the tab character.

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