C# popularity surges, per Tiobe index

Microsoft’s C# programming language has seen a spike in popularity, according to the Tiobe programming community index. While C# still ranked fifth in the Tiobe index for May 2022, unchanged from May 2021, its rating jumped nearly two full percentage points compared to a year ago.

The C# language’s rating of 6.39% for May 2022 is 1.98 percentage points higher than its 4.41% rating a year ago. Tiobe, which offers software quality services, described C# as one of the most mature languages in existence, supporting many modern programming paradigms, and said that more of its customers have begun running C# on Linux in the last two years. Tiobe believes “chances are high” that C# could replace C among the top three languages in the index. Also trending upward is C++, its rating rising 1.01 percentage points in the past year.

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