Category: Data Science

Fact: Engagement Impacts Deliverability

We’ve heard predictions of the death of email for years. Like those who predict the end of the world, it’s largely agreed that these people don’t know what they are talking about. Email isn’t dying. But that doesn’t mean it’s not changing. Technology is advancing, email recipients are interacting differently, and mailbox providers are adjusting their algorithms. And […]

Understanding Personas and How to Use Them

How well do you really know your brand’s audience? It can be easy to think of your audience as segments of prospects vs. customers or recent purchasers vs. lapsed buyers. But the most successful brands target subscribers on an individualized level. For marketers who don’t have the resources for one-to-one targeting, personas can help increase […]

New to BriteVerify: Introducing Phone and Address Verification

Today, we announce exciting new features to our real-time email validation solution, BriteVerify, including expanding our data validation capabilities beyond email to now cover phone numbers and physical mailing addresses along with the ability to verify millions of records in bulk. The cost of bad data is staggeringly high. Companies in the US lose over […]

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