Christmas Time is Here—Is Your Program Ready? [New Research]

The holidays are a wonderful but hectic time of the year, especially for marketers. Consumers are in a purchasing mindset as they work through their holiday shopping list for family and friends. which presents you with a great opportunity.

To take full advantage of the season, you need to make sure your emails are optimized to both reach the inbox and resonate with your subscribers. To help you get your program ready, we created our latest ebook—Have Yourself a Merry Email Christmas. Inside we explore the performance of last year’s holiday season and highlight some essential tactics you should implement in your program so you can join in on the holiday cheer, including: 

  • How many emails were sent during the holiday season 
  • How consumers interacted with messages during the holiday season 
  • How different industries performed over Black Friday and Cyber Monday 
  • And more! 

Read the report for tips and tactics to make your holidays merry and bright.

[New Webinar] The State of Email Marketing

You can feel the Autumn chill and smell the pumpkin spice in the air, which for marketers means one thing: it’s time to start thinking about our 2020 marketing plans. Don’t miss our upcoming webinar with Demand Metric on September 10th, 2019 as we review the results from our second annual State of Email Marketing Benchmark Study also launching on the same day.

We surveyed email marketers to discover how email marketing is performing for B2C, B2B, and non-profit organizations, what objectives and tactics are trending, and what challenges they face. We also explored what higher performing marketers are doing differently than their below-average peers, so you can learn from the best and identify the areas you should focus on going into the new year.

In the webinar, John Follett, Co-Founder of Demand Metric, and I will discuss the results of the report and the performance benchmarks for email marketing, and help marketers learn:

  • What objectives and tactics will make your email marketing more effective
  • Which email tactics are working (and which are not)
  • How to achieve a return on your email marketing investment

Registration page: The 2019 State of Email Marketing webinar

Date: September 10, 2019

Time: 12pm ET / 9am PT

Register today and learn how to position your organization for growth!

P.S. Can’t make it? Register anyway and you’ll receive the full report, slides, and the recording after the event.

5 Reasons Your Email Campaigns are Failing [New Webinar]

As an email marketer, there’s a lot on your plate you need to worry about before sending that email. You’ve made sure the date and time are correct and don’t conflict with other marketing activities. You’ve crafted a killer subject line, a preheader call-to-action that no one could refuse, and triple checked your copy, links, and design. Once everything is thoroughly reviewed, you hit send and hope your campaign performs as good as you suspect it will.

But your campaign flops. And it may be due to your sending reputation.

Join me on Tuesday, August 27th to learn more about these common reputation issues that are campaign killers. I’ll also review the findings from our latest Sender Score Benchmark report so you can see how you compare against your peers, why it’s important to add reputation to your pre-flight checklist, and some tips and tricks on how to fix some of the most common reputation issues.

5 Reasons Your Email Campaigns are Failing (& what you can do about it)
Tuesday, August 27
9 AM PT / 12 PM ET

How Do Mailbox Providers View Your Email Program? [New Report]

Though you might not see it in your inbox, there is a lot of bad email being sent every day. Last year alone saw over 600 billion emails from spammers. Faced with this wealth of illegitimate messages, mailbox providers rely on sender reputation to identify the “good” from the “bad,” when determining what email to allow or block from their users’ inboxes. Unfortunately for marketers, each mailbox provider has their own secret sender reputation calculation for incoming mail.

At Return Path by Validity, we’ve created our own reputation calculation system—Sender Score—that evaluates the same reputation criteria that mailbox providers use in their calculations— to give senders a benchmark for how they and their messages are perceived by mailbox providers.

In the 2019 Sender Score Benchmark, we take a look at the impact of reputation and Sender Score on email performance, including:

  • The distribution of email volume by Sender Score.
  • The impact of complaints, spam traps, and unknown users on reputation
  • The average inbox placement rate at Microsoft, AOL, Gmail, and Yahoo by Sender Score
  • The average Sender Score and inbox placement rate by industry

To see how your reputation is impacting your ability to access the inbox, look up your program’s Sender Score for free and then download the report.