Email Recap: Our 2020 Year in Review

2020 has been a year of new challenges and unexpected obstacles. Email marketers around the world responded in spectacular fashion, adapting in the face of rapid change. 

You innovated ways to connect with subscribers and supported them in a time of need. And as other channels struggled to perform, you drove critical results for your brands and clients.

This was a record-breaking period for Campaign Monitor’s customers, and we couldn’t be more proud of your accomplishments. As we bid 2020 adieu (and for many of us, good riddance!), take a moment with us to reflect on some of your most impressive achievements from the last 12 months.

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Your subscribers turned to the inbox more than ever. 

Email remains a resilient, reliable way to engage your community even during times of crisis.

  • 416,422 marketers sent 30.660 billion emails opened in 192 countries across the world. 
  • Open rates increased more than 20% YoY in March and April as shutdowns and restrictions ramped up around the globe. When other channels became inaccessible or unreliable, customers turned to email to find how brands were responding to the crisis.
  • More time at home brought the first shift back to desktop opens in years. The proportion of opens on mobile devices dropped from 63% to 54% in 2020.

Explore COVID-19 email marketing benchmarks in depth.

AB Testing with Campaign Monitor helps you send with confidence.

When times got tough, Campaign Monitor customers got smarter.

You rose to the occasion with tenacity and ingenuity.

  • Curious subscriber scientists A/B tested 148,450 campaigns, an increase of 63% over last year.
  • Customer experience architects designed 47,484 automated email journeys, clearing the path to immediate engagement and lasting loyalty.
  • Email artisans crafted 730,468 captivating custom email templates that lit up the inbox and stood out among the noise.

New problems call for new solutions.

You asked, we delivered. Campaign Monitors customers tapped into a suite of new features and resources to handle everything 2020 could throw at them. A few of the highlights:

Jan – Pop-up forms

Feb – In-app deliverability guidance

Mar – Campaigns page update

April – COVID-19 Resource Hub

May – Crisis templates

June – Unsubscribe survey

July – Campaign tagging

Aug – Layout templates

Sept – My branded templates

Oct – New holiday templates

Nov – Link Review Tool

Dec – Coming up: Lists & Subscribers UI update

We’ve got your back.

2020 pushed email marketers to the limit. We were honored to be with you every step of the way.

  • 99% delivery rate for all campaigns sent
  • Features released: 25
  • Product deployments: 820
  • Code commits: 13,010
  • 99.9% app availability

After all, your success is why we come to work every day.

  • 39,263 support cases were responded to within 2 hours (on average)

Just like you, we’re working hard and making the best of the situation.  

Campaign Monitor is working from home and logging lots of hours on video calls.

  • 625 team members around the world made the shift to remote working, resulting in over 241,000 hours of Zoom meetings with very serious, 100% professional virtual backgrounds.
  • Separated but not apart: We stayed connected with care packages, virtual yoga and fitness classes, digital master class events and competitions, and more remote happy hours than we care to admit.
  • $58,000 raised for the Australian Red Cross BushFire Appeal.
  • 1995 hot meals and 1785 sweet treats produced for people in need in the Sydney CBD.

It’s all possible because of our incredible community of customers and contributors! THANK YOU!

What’s next?

Email isn’t going anywhere, and that means neither are we. More than ever, the world needs the connectivity only email makes possible.

Look forward to a long list of new tools, resources, and inspiration coming in 2021, starting with our much-awaited annual Email Marketing Global Benchmarks Report.

Keep an eye out for it early January!

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