End the Year Strong with New Updates from Validity

It’s been a year of huge progress here at Validity! To celebrate, we’ve launched features that will help you close the year strong and drive better business and professional outcomes. This time of year, marketers and sales professionals are under an enormous amount of pressure to hit their goals. These releases provide better views and deeper understanding to ensure you’re spending time in the right places and getting the best insight possible.

Validity for Email – Return Path Platform

Our new SmartSeeds provide a simplified and better seeding-based way to monitor your deliverability. With this release, we’ve made insight into engagement filtering at Gmail more accessible than ever before.

It’s no secret that Gmail is a key mailbox for B2B and B2C senders – and because of the amount of engagement filtering they do, senders struggle to understand and overcome inbox placement challenges. SmartSeeds provide a detailed view into how your email is delivering based on subscriber interaction – whether they are engaged mailboxes, unengaged mailboxes, or somewhere in between.

With mailbox providers’ increased focus on using engagement-based filtering, you need access to the full picture of your deliverability. That’s exactly what SmartSeeds provide. With SmartSeeds, the work to determine the type of subscribers who are impacted by a deliverability issue is much easier. Because we break the data down by subscriber interaction, you have a better understanding of the problem and the potential impacts to KPIs. This time of year, this critical insight at Gmail across all your campaigns will have you ready for the holiday season like never before.

B2B Seeds
With the expansion of our B2B seed offering, we’ve added filtering companies to our already robust set of hosted mailboxes, such as G Suite, Office 365, and Go Daddy. Unlike consumer mailboxes (like gmail.com, yahoo.com, and microsoft.com), B2B hosted mailboxes commonly add an additional level of filtering onto the native hosted mailbox filtering.

With this release, we’re extending this coverage to including Barracuda and Proofpoint with Mimecast coming shortly. This time of year, ensuring your email is going to the inbox is paramount, and with this new update from Validity, our B2B marketers will be better positioned than ever this holiday season to hit year end goals.

Automated Reporting
We know this time of year, all eyes are on the email program. With that spotlight, you need a high-level snapshot of your email performance you can share with your organization. With automated reporting, you are armed with the reports you need to understand your deliverability trends and performance. We’ve replaced our legacy reporting dashboard with a brand new, automated monthly deliverability report available to you on the first of each month. They are more accessible than ever, located with easy navigation from the homepage of Return Path Platform. Your report for October will be available on November 1st and you can view your historical monthly reports starting today!

Validity for Sales Productivity

ReadyGrids for Pipeline
Our new set of ReadyGrids, a feature of GridBuddy, deliver a platform of actionable sales analytics. As sales teams are under pressure to close deals by year’s end, these grids surface at-risk opportunities threatening that oh-so-important revenue number and display them in an easy to manage, grid-based Salesforce workspace.

ReadyGrids for Pipeline are designed to make impactful sales data actionable. At-risk opportunities that affect pipeline are integrated into an editable grid for efficient and focused opportunity and pipeline management. It’s now easy to work with at-risk opportunities for the last or next 90 days and access the data that directly impacts your business. Use ReadyGrids to work with critical metrics in a simple spreadsheet-like interface and experience high CRM adoption and a better understanding of your sales data.

Boost Business Performance with New Updates from Validity 

End the Year Strong, Start the New Year Off Right
2019 has been a busy year for us! We’re growing like crazy, innovating, and as always, we’re on a mission to help businesses run better and grow faster with better data insights. We’re thankful to work with amazing clients and companies and we’re proud to bring these new features and updates from Validity into market. We’re invested in providing broader and deeper solutions to our customers to help them drive sales, make smarter business decisions, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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