How Access to Performance Data Helped Terminix Increase Deliverability

“Return Path is more than a tool for deliverability metrics. Return Path is an integral partner who helps the email channel stay on a path of growth.”

Just ask Janet McQuarrie from the Digital Marketing team at Terminix—reaching the inbox isn’t as easy as pressing send. There are many things that can prevent your email from being delivered to subscribers inboxes. And without access to performance data, resolving deliverability issues is almost impossible.  

Terminix, one of the largest pest control companies on a global scale, was looking to optimize their onboarding and nurture campaigns for new subscribers. When they noticed a lack of engagement with their email programs, they reached to Return Path by Validity to find a solution.  

With insight into their email programs performance, Terminix was able to discover their emails were not reaching the inbox. After identifying and accurately addressing their deliverability issues, Terminix was able to increase its inbox placement rate by 30 percent at Gmail. To learn the full story on how Terminix optimized its email program, check out the case study here. 

Interested in gaining insight into your program and discovering how to reach the inbox? Come talk to us.  

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