How On Used Email Marketing to Run a Successful Thank You Campaign

On is a Swiss running shoe company that delivers gravity-defying footwear. On shoes are sported by runners around the globe and have developed a true fan following. They’ve done an outstanding job of building a great product and a tight-knit community, using Campaign Monitor to supercharge both of them.

Last year, On sent a thoughtful and impactful “Thank you” campaign to their audience, and it caught our attention. We recently featured On’s Thank You Campaign in our Top 100 Gallery, where we showcase our customers’ best email campaigns.

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Let’s see why this On email made it past the finish line:

  1. Multi-purpose campaign: On maximized their campaign real estate by offering three complementary pieces of content. They are a customer-first company and made that the primary focus with their “Thank You” messaging. However, they didn’t miss an opportunity to showcase their most significant achievements and products. When you’re developing your next campaign, include relevant content that can drive value for your business and subscribers.
  2. Edge-to-edge design: On delivers elegant email campaigns that match the quality of their footwear. This campaign showcases a modern, edge-to-edge design that looks beautiful in any inbox.
  3. Seasonal messaging: On took advantage of the December time frame, and delivered a timely and appropriate Thank You campaign. As marketers, we readily associate December as a time to market our products and supercharge sales. But it’s also a perfect time to reflect on the year and thank your customers that have been along for the ride.

How you can create a thank you campaign

Are you ready to create your own thank you email marketing campaign? Thank you emails are a great way to inform your subscribers about a recent action they took with your website and help create a better customer experience that’ll result in a deeper relationship.

Examples of thank you email marketing campaigns include:

  • Thank you for your purchase
  • Thank you for your feedback
  • Thank you for your referral
  • Thank you for choosing us

Buzzfeed sends thank you emails to recent subscribers.

Source: Campaign Monitor

In fact, automated thank you transactional emails can result in eight times more opens and clicks, as well as six times more revenue. That’s a big opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.

Read on to discover a few ways you can start creating your own thank you email marketing campaign.

Develop a branded template.

Oftentimes, a thank you email is the next touchpoint you provide a customer after a purchase, signup, or download. As this initial impression of your brand, you want to align your emails with your logo, colors, fonts, and tone to give your customers a consistent experience at every stage of the customer journey. 

Set automation triggers.

In order to have a successful automated thank you email campaign, you need to set your trigger parameters. Automation helps takes care of all of the tedious, manual efforts it would take to send a typical email. Instead, use technology to set triggers based on events—like downloading an eBook or purchasing a new pair of shoes—to send an email on your behalf.

Seventy-five percent of email revenue generated is from automated campaigns.

Keep the content relevant.

To make thank you emails effective, you need to keep the content relevant and concise. Your customer has a preconceived idea of what this message will include, so you’ll want to meet those expectations by providing things like order information, login credentials, etc.

This will not only provide your subscribers with a clear path to the next action, but it also includes relevant information so they can go back and reference the email at a later date.

Provide the next steps.

Depending on what you’re thanking your customers for, you’ll want to clearly define the next steps that they need to take or what to expect in future emails. For example, you may need to include a bold CTA that asks your customer to leave a review. Or maybe the email simply thanks them for their business and informs your customer that they’ll receive tracking information soon.

No matter what the goal is, your thank you email marketing campaign needs to promote some sort of action to keep the customer engaged and looking forward to what’s next.

Wrap up

Automated thank you emails give your brand a great chance to deliver an additional touchpoint celebrating the customer’s action. In fact, thank you emails aren’t just a nice touch—both B2C and B2B consumers alike actually expect them.

To get started on your own, consider:

  • Automating the process with triggered events
  • Matching the design to your brand standards
  • Creating relevant, concise content that informs

Ready to develop an impactful thank you email campaign? Campaign Monitor can help you every step of the way. Try a demo today.

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