Intro to Hilla: The full-stack Java framework

Hilla combines a Java back end built on Spring with a TypeScript front end built with Lit, a fast, reactive framework for JavaScript. Hilla, which is based on Vaadin Fusion, is a unique animal in the Java ecosystem: something akin to Next.js for JavaScript, but with a Spring-based Java back end. This article gets you started with Hilla, including how to scaffold a basic web application, build the front end, and add new components.

Hilla and Vaadin

Vaadin's developers announced in January this year that they were renaming Vaadin Fusion to Hilla. For developers already familiar with Fusion, only the name has changed. For developers just discovering Hilla, you will notice that the examples in this article use packages and components named for Vaadin. Vaadin Fusion packages will be renamed for Hilla in a future release.

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