Intro to JHipster: A full-stack framework for Java and JavaScript

JHipster is a long-lived and ambitious hybrid Java and JavaScript project that is dedicated to easing the development of full-stack Java applications using modern reactive front ends. The JHipster development team has consistently released new versions to keep up with industry changes. Let’s learn what this framework can do by building a simple application.

What is JHipster?

Out of the box, JHipster supports React, Vue, and Angular for the front end. It supports other frameworks, including Svelte, via plugins known as blueprints. On the back end, Spring Boot does the heavy lifting. In this regard, JHipster is similar to the Hilla framework, but with a more ambitious goal of supporting a wide variety of front-end stacks. At heart, JHipster is an advanced build tool that unifies the Java and JavaScript build toolchains and layers various administrative capabilities on top.

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