Microsoft unifies large-scale data management under Purview framework

Most of Microsoft's major data management solutions are being unified under the company's "Purview" branding, bringing together the functionality of Azure Purview and Microsoft 365 compliance to create a single framework for data governance and risk management.

A host of individual products are being renamed to reflect the new unification, mostly on the Microsoft 365 side of the house, to fit in with the new "Microsoft Purview" branding. The idea is to make it easier for companies with multicloud and multiplatform environments to implement data governance technology.

Nor is the effort a simple reorganization and rebranding. Microsoft also announced Wednesday that its data-loss protection technology for MacOS endpoints is now generally available, as well as the addition of more than 50 new classifiers for its sensitive information type catalogs. Additionally, the company added a public preview of its multistage retention feature for what's now called Microsoft Purview Lifecycle Management, formerly Microsoft Information Governance.

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