Return Path Platform Heats Up with June Updates

Our teams are bringing the heat as summer ramps up with multiple unique updates across the Return Path Platform. So hot, in fact, that I have to eat a popsicle just to get through writing this! Read on to find out about these product updates that are sure to give you more ways to get value out of our products. So grab your own popsicle and read on…

SmartSeed inbox placement by persona
As an iteration of our newest deliverability data source, SmartSeeds, we are introducing inbox placement rate by engagement persona! Within the Gmail section of your Campaign Details and in the Campaign Trends graph, you will now see four SmartSeed personas and their corresponding inbox placement rate.

  • Engaged
  • Loyal
  • Disinterested
  • Potential

As a reminder about these four personas and how knowing their placement can help improve your email program, you can reference this blog post.

In-platform setup for Dynamic Optimization
We are excited to announce that setup for Dynamic Optimization is now available for all clients within Return Path Platform! Dynamic Optimization, one of our newer solutions, leverages your email data and provides customized mailing recommendations. You can log into your Return Path Platform account and select the Dynamic Optimization tile to get started.

In-platform setup has been available for our clients using Salesforce Marketing Cloud as their ESP. This launch is an exciting extension of our AI-powered products to our wider audience.

New domain-based blacklists and real-time email alerts
We added domain-based blacklists to the Blacklist tile in the Return Path Platform. You are now able to see if your domain has been listed on:

  • Spamhaus DBL
  • Invaluement

We have also launched a new alerting option for all blacklists. You can now subscribe to receive real-time email alerts when your IP address or domain has been added to a blacklist. With these new alerts, you’ll know in real-time if you have an IP address or domain on a blacklist so you can take quick action to address the underlying issue and delist.

Cloudmark alerting via Smart Alerts
A new Cloudmark alert, located in the Smart Alerts section of the Return Path Platform, provides visibility into Cloudmark issues (spammy fingerprints) on your campaigns. This alert provides insight into impacted campaigns and the problem category that caused the fingerprint. It also guides you in your effort to resolve these types of issues for future campaigns.

Login to see all these new updates in action!

Customers and partners can learn all about these updates by watching our training videos in this Help Center article. Not yet a customer? Request a demo of these new features as well as what the entire Return Path Platform as to offer.

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