The 9 most important new features in YugabyteDB

The rich deployment and replication options in YugabyteDB are must-haves for any developer or technologist building a modern, distributed cloud application. In geo-distributed environments, performance, developer friendliness, and compliance are key requirements that organizations must design into their data layer—to avoid the trap of assuming they will magically exist simply because an application is deployed in the cloud.

YugabyteDB 2.13 is the latest release, delivering better control over where data is stored and accessed, an essential feature for modern applications in a geo-distributed environment. The native capabilities allow enterprises to lower data transfer costs, improve performance, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The latest version of YugabyteDB extends the geo-distribution capabilities of the database, adding new features that enhance performance, increase control over backups, and intelligently utilize local data for reads.

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