Trying out the Azure Developer CLI

We often talk about learning curves when it comes to new technologies and new projects, imagining an initially steep but smooth curve that eventually levels out. In practice of course, it’s more a series of steps, some of which are like cliffs. One of the highest of those steps is standing up target environments and getting code scaffolding in place with the libraries, SDKs, and prerequisites we need.

Each step is a delay—hours or even days when we could be writing code and solving problems. It’s an issue that’s hard enough on our own development devices, but it becomes more complex when we’re working with cloud-native platforms where we’re now responsible for delivering virtual infrastructures and standing up container orchestration. We may not be responsible for infrastructure, but we need to understand both platform and application ops if we’re to deliver modern code quickly and efficiently, especially if we’re handing that code over to operations teams in the future.

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