TypeScript 4.7 crosses the finish line

TypeScript 4.7 became generally available as a production release on May 24. The latest version of Microsoft’s strongly typed JavaScript, TypeScript 4.7 arrives with ECMAScript module (ESM) support for Node.js 16 as well as a multitude of coding enhancements.

ESM support for Node.js 16 was a late addition to the release. The TypeScript 4.7 beta introduced April 8 included ESM support for Node.js 12, which had been planned for TypeScript 4.5 late last year but was delayed. However, because Node.js 12 is no longer supported, TypeScript’s builders started the stable target at Node.js 16. This not only provides newer ECMAScript module functionality such as pattern trailers, but also defaults TypeScript to a higher target that supports top-level await.

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