Visual Studio Code 1.66 shines on JavaScript heap profiles, CSS formatting

Visual Studio Code 1.66, also identified as the March 2022 release of the code editor, has just been published by Microsoft. The new release brings improvements to JavaScript heap profiles, CSS code formatting, and local history.

Visual Studio Code 1.66 became available on March 30. It can be downloaded from the project website for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. 

In VS Code 1.66, the JavaScript debugger now supports collecting and visualizing heap profiles, so developers can see where and how much memory is being allocated over time. These profiles have been added as an option in the “Debug: Take Performance Profile” command. Additionally for JavaScript, Microsoft has aligned the semantic highlighting of JavaScript source in HTML files with what is seen in normal .jscode files. This makes code colors more consistent and adds important semantic information that was missing previously, such as highlighting read-only types.

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