Wasmer WebAssembly runtime adds native compilation

With Wasmer 2.3, the server-side Wasmer WebAssembly runtime debuts new native compilation capabilities and a new stack switching library called Corosensei.

Introduced June 7, Wasmer version 2.3 is a precursor to a planned “big” 3.0 release of the open source WebAssembly runtime. Wasmer can be accessed from the technology’s website.

With the new release, Wasmer now compiles to Wasm/WASI (WebAssembly System Interface). This was done in an effort to enable compilation of WebAssembly to native entirely in WebAssembly, for use in future products. Also in the compilation vein, Wasmer 2.3 improves unwinding support in the Singlepass compiler to offer better backtraces and make it possible to run Singlepass with a Dylib engine.

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